Intimate Photo Session in Washington State’s Spokane River // Giampietros Couple Session


        This intimate couple’s session in the Spokane river was one of my favorites this year. Salem and Peter are obviously so in love, it was so fun to capture them in these moments and inspiring to see this kind of intimacy after more than ten years of marriage and three children together. 

        Water sessions are awesome for intimate couple’s photos because not only do you have to help each other navigate through the water (over boulders in this case) but it helps create those real moments of holding each other tight, playing and splashing, and catching each other. And to me, there’s just something romantic about being in the water at sunset. 

        If you want to get a water session in, we have about a month (maybe a little bit longer if you’re adventurous!) to get in the water here in Spokane, the Valley, or Coeur d’alene before it gets too cold! If you don’t want to have to wait until next summer, let’s set it up soon!



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        June 30, 2018



        Wow this is so rad and intimate! Love it sooo much!

        Wow! If Nicholas Spark’s heart could be shown through photographs… this would be it! Love this on every level!

        Wowza! This is so romantic!