I’m Danika. Mom. Wife. Friend. Adventurer. Empath. Creator. Artist. Educator. Animal Lover and Rescuer.

Introvert/Extrovert. I can make friends anywhere I go- thank you moving 15+ times in my life- but I really recharge my batteries when I am alone or with my family.

My Success comes from finishing projects. My goal is to finish more of the projects I start- “done is better than perfect.”

For Too Long I felt I didn’t fit in- and now I see that it’s way better to not fit into any mold and find the tribe of people who celebrate and admire differences.

The Best Thing I’ve done as a photographer is to stop focusing on the pose, the settings, and perfecting the shot, and I started focusing on my connection with you, your connection with each other.

If you live your life for love, connections, and memorable experiences, let’s get together and have an experience together- whether that is documenting sweet, quiet moments in your home with your family, or hiking to an epic location and having an adventure, I’m there!


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