Lauryn + Cash Growing their Family

        The last weeks leading up to a new baby coming into the world are something else. Time speeds up and stops at the same time. Your partner and you are about to become parents together, you are growing life and multiplying love. Your day to day will look so different, and your relationship with each other has a whole new layer. This new venture demands a lot of trust, compromise, support, and patience.

        This time in your life is like no other. Maternity sessions are something magical, the anxious excitement is impossible to hide, eyes are filled with love and smiles bursting with pride.

        These two treasure their marriage together and there’s no doubt their new baby girl will be brought into a family surrounded with so much gentle love and happiness.

        The glowing light of golden hour here in Spokane, Washington and the Northwest in general is beautiful, especially during the summer months. There are endless outdoor locations with the rivers, lakes, and mountains around, but cozy, in-home sessions are so fun to do too (especially during winter)! Either one can show off your personalities and what this chapter of your life is like. Get in touch if you like what you see and we can set up the perfect session that fits your family.

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        May 29, 2019