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Spokane, Washington Based

Couples and Family Photographer


// For the free-spirited and in love//

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Couples + Weddings + Family

My focus is on the love stories, from when you fall in love, choose each other forever, to when you grow a family together. 


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Adventurous & Madly In Love Couples 

Travel Elopements & Weddings

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Hey! I am so glad you are here! I'm Danika. My number one title is Mama, I'm a beach bum surfer at heart that lives way too far away from the ocean, and I have a habit (bad- in my husband's eyes) of rescuing stray dogs. Our dream is to live an adventurous but peaceful life (on an island somewhere, even better!) where we can run our business(es) together, grow our own food in our garden, and homeschool our babies... we really do like being around each other that much. 

I am empathetic to my core. I seriously lay awake and feel for the world every. single. night. If I could have any super power it would be to take away all the pain and suffering from all innocent beings, but I am also constantly in awe of life and think it's the most beautiful experience. This might be why I see and capture photographs the way I do.